Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WARGAMES FOUNDRY - British ROYAL NAVY and Mutineers.

Hi. Received my order to-day from Wargames Foundry (UK). I have prepared the castings for undercoating and painting to be done tomorrow.
      The Royal Navy figures which will form the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                               The cannon is a 6lb for use on land.

Close up of the Royal Navy Command figures with Ratings in the background.

The Mutineers.
There are 30 figures - I may need to add others to the Collection.

The Mutineer Command figures.
I have since added a Flag Pole from Piano Wire.

                  The Royal Navy figures which will form part of the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                          Above is shown two of my favorite figures.
                                                          I particularly like the Officer casting - so very British.


Tomorrow morning - weather permitting I should be able to undercoat the Royal Navy figures and Mutineers and the Civilian figures. If all goes well there should be some finished painted figures to show on the Tinkerton Project - late tomorrow night.

I have ordered some Eye-Hooks in preparation for the building of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.

Really enjoying my Colonial/ Victorian  Fiction project in 25mm. Progressing well.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Hi. Received an e-Bay purchase from the UK in the form of 24 Wargames Foundry Civilian figures in 25mm. Very pleased and will base them soon ready for undercoating and painting.

The 24 figures - minimum of flash and very easy to clean up the castings.
There are no duplicate figures- they are all individual.

Victorian Gentlemen - very dapper!

A figure which I shall turn into a Royal Navy Officer for my Gunboat.

These three figures are definitely Farmers.

Most likely I shall use these three figures as Explorers.


Whilst thinking about the Scenarios that I'd like to do for my Colonial /Victorian Fiction games - I needed Civilian types- I am very pleased with this batch of figures.
Also I do have other Civilian types on the way from Wargames Foundry (UK).


Monday, 20 March 2017


Hi. The time is near for the arrival of my 25mm figure order from the UK. When the long awaited 25mm order arrives from Wargames Foundry I should be able to get cracking on figure painting and model making.

I am particularly interested in making up a Royal Navy crew set - complete with Captain and Officers for my Gunboat - the fictional HMS Thistle.

I hope to game the crew of HMS Thistle against an enemy which will be drawn from Wargames Foundry Indian Mutineers.

At this stage have gathered some of the basic parts that will be needed to build HMS Thistle.

                                                                 Bye for now.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A NEW Cottage Building for Colonials.

Hi. Have had a good morning building a small Cottage from different thicknesses of cardboard.

The finished 25mm Cottage.

I tried out a different method for making the roof tiles - quicker method though some detail is lost.
Pleased with the model and look forward to making other similar  buildings.

Regards. KEV.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

GETTING Back to Basics -WARGAMES FOUNDRY Colonials.

Hi. Finally I've settled on what I want to do. Last night I placed an order with Wargames Foundry in the UK for a number of figures which I did have long ago - though foolishly sold- I yearn to have my Colonial Collection back again in 28mm- starting this month.

Way back in the late 1980's I began my collecting of Wargames Foundry with a host of figures as sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. I basically had Crimea Types and Indian Mutiny - there wasn't an overall scenario then and a few games were played- I sold the collection. Around 2008 I re-built the collection with WGF figures mainly concentrating on Crimea types and Prussians - a few unsatisfactory games were played - again I sold the Collection.

Yesterday - it occurred to me that I should re-visit a time when I was most happy with my Miniatures - that was indeed back in the late 1980's collecting War Games Foundry figures from the UK.

At this stage I intend to collect and paint up a British Naval Brigade - probably under 30 figures in total - and build a British Gunboat ( with Launches ). For my 'Enemy' I have chosen to collect Indian Mutineers - again a small force possibly a little over 30 figures.

I intend to play SOLO Games with rules devised or inspired by Donald Featherstone for Skirmish Games or those produced  for Skirmish games  by Michael Perry  titled- 'Lunch In the Crimea'.

As for Scenarios: I have it in mind that the Setting will be a sort of Colonial Fiction / Victorian Science Fiction....for some time I've thought about a type of Setting for the Games that will be something like the famed Computer Game - 'Myst'.....I've yet to expand on the concept and develop some Fictional background History for the Figures and isn't all that important - though I'd like to have it sorted just the same.

For actual small games I see the Scenarios featuring my Gunboat 'HMS Thistle' and the Royal Navy as they do battle with Indian styled all could be under the Title:-
                                      'The Adventures of HMS Thistle'.

I like where I'm at - there is a very good deal of modelling to be done. I will certainly enjoy the figure painting - especially the British sailors....there is the Gunboat HMS Thistle to be designed and built along with other vessels....plenty of buildings and structures to be made which need designing and building. Yes- very much looking forwards to a series of SOLO Skirmishes on my 5'6" x 13' Games Table.

My only regret is I should have started this all long ago and not wasted a lot of time, energy and savings on other things - yes, the time has certainly arrived to concentrate on this Project.