Saturday, 15 April 2017


Hi. Completed my Colonial Civilians this afternoon by lacquering with 'Satin' spray.

The 28 Civilian figures by Wargames Foundry.

The Farmer and his Wife.


Well pleased with the miniatures - not sure if I will make use of all the figures in the forthcoming games- though it is good to have plenty of figures to choose from.

Tomorrow I shall be able to make a start on planning the Gunboat HMS Thistle.


Friday, 7 April 2017


Hi. I have had a good day painting up my Wargames Foundry Mutineers.

Photo of the 30 Mutineers.

Close up of Command Figures.


Command Mutineers - also showing a Female Character.

Mutineers On the Work Bench.


Well pleased with the figures. I have enough figures for a Skirmish Game and may in future add to the numbers.
At this stage for my Colonial/Victorian Skirmish I will refer to the figures as 'Mutineers' - later I may refer to them collectively as 'Dorovians'.


Sunday, 2 April 2017

ROYAL NAVY Sailors Finished To-day.

Hi. Had a good weekend painting up my Wargames Foundry 25mm Royal Navy figures.

The 31 figures of my Royal Navy- Captain, Officers and Crew from HMS Thistle.

Scenic setting of the completed Ships' Compliment.

6lb Cannon and Crew with Captain and Ensign.

6lb Naval Cannon with Officer and crew.

Captain and Ensign.

Officer ( white helmet) and Bossun (black hat).

1st Officer (walking stick)  with Ratings.

Back line are the Ship's crew members in various poses.

A nice photo of the Ship's Crew of HMS Thistle.


Had a great time painting the RN figures - I used Vallejo and Tamiya Paints.
I paint in 'Block' fashion without shading- preferring this method.

Looking forward to making a start on the Mutineer Natives to-morrow, followed by the English Civilians.
By the end of the month I should be able to progress onto the designing and building of my long awaited Gunboat - the HMS Thistle. Very much looking forward to the Gunboat.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WARGAMES FOUNDRY - British ROYAL NAVY and Mutineers.

Hi. Received my order to-day from Wargames Foundry (UK). I have prepared the castings for undercoating and painting to be done tomorrow.
      The Royal Navy figures which will form the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                               The cannon is a 6lb for use on land.

Close up of the Royal Navy Command figures with Ratings in the background.

The Mutineers.
There are 30 figures - I may need to add others to the Collection.

The Mutineer Command figures.
I have since added a Flag Pole from Piano Wire.

                  The Royal Navy figures which will form part of the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                          Above is shown two of my favorite figures.
                                                          I particularly like the Officer casting - so very British.


Tomorrow morning - weather permitting I should be able to undercoat the Royal Navy figures and Mutineers and the Civilian figures. If all goes well there should be some finished painted figures to show on the Tinkerton Project - late tomorrow night.

I have ordered some Eye-Hooks in preparation for the building of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.

Really enjoying my Colonial/ Victorian  Fiction project in 25mm. Progressing well.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Hi. Received an e-Bay purchase from the UK in the form of 24 Wargames Foundry Civilian figures in 25mm. Very pleased and will base them soon ready for undercoating and painting.

The 24 figures - minimum of flash and very easy to clean up the castings.
There are no duplicate figures- they are all individual.

Victorian Gentlemen - very dapper!

A figure which I shall turn into a Royal Navy Officer for my Gunboat.

These three figures are definitely Farmers.

Most likely I shall use these three figures as Explorers.


Whilst thinking about the Scenarios that I'd like to do for my Colonial /Victorian Fiction games - I needed Civilian types- I am very pleased with this batch of figures.
Also I do have other Civilian types on the way from Wargames Foundry (UK).


Monday, 20 March 2017


Hi. The time is near for the arrival of my 25mm figure order from the UK. When the long awaited 25mm order arrives from Wargames Foundry I should be able to get cracking on figure painting and model making.

I am particularly interested in making up a Royal Navy crew set - complete with Captain and Officers for my Gunboat - the fictional HMS Thistle.

I hope to game the crew of HMS Thistle against an enemy which will be drawn from Wargames Foundry Indian Mutineers.

At this stage have gathered some of the basic parts that will be needed to build HMS Thistle.

                                                                 Bye for now.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Four New HOBBIT Cottages.

Hi. I Have had a good day adding another three HOBBIT Cottages to my collection built from cardboard and some pieces of wood. I do have plans for other cottages and may even attempt to make HOBBIT Burrows too.

My four completed Hobbit Cottages in 15mm.

Close up of the Green Door and Light Blue Hobbit Cottages.

Light blue doored Hobbit Cottage.

Red door Hobbit Cottage.

Yellow door Hobbit Cottage.

Green door Hobbit Cottage.

The 'Tooksburrow' HOBBITS marching past two of their cottages.


At this stage there are other cottages I would like to model and I am seriously thinking about placing each cottage onto a purpose built piece of landscaped terrain. Also, there is a good possibility that I may attempt to model some Hobbit Burrows as well.