Sunday, 25 June 2017


Hi. Yesterday I built a small Cottage for my Doctor WHO Micro Figures from cardboard and paper.

 I drew up the Windows and Doors on my computer and printed them from my Cannon Printer.
I wanted to make the Cottage look very Toy-like and keep in style with the 'Micro-Figures'.
I employed the 7th Doctor ( Sylvester McCoy) as a 'Scale' for measurements.
I have plans to make more buildings in the forthcoming weeks.

Bye for now.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Doctor WHO - Good BOOKS.

Thought to show you some of the Doctor WHO books that I own which I read for the background information for my Micro-Figure Collection.
 The CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA is my main reference. The lavish all- color book covers all twelve Doctors, their Companions and deadly Aliens and Monsters in excellent detail. Surprisingly this book only cost me seven dollars and certainly it is worth much more.

The TIME LORD book is an interesting read - though I found it a bit short of my expectations of what information I'd expect to find in the text. None the less - a valuable reference.

The MONSTERS book is excellent- loads of information on Aliens and Monsters - with snippets of information on how to deal with these dangerous and threatening species encountered.

I am very fond of good books and constantly keep my eye out for interesting Doctor WHO reading.

My box of SILENT Micro-Figures arrived the other day.
The SILENT are very creepy looking dangerous Aliens that use electricity as a weapon.
Have to think about how my seventh Doctor will be able to deal with the SILENT.

KEV - June 2017.
Thought to update my photo as the earlier photo was a bit dated.


Things are progressing slowly but surely for my Doctor WHO Micro-Figure collection....I have several figure orders to arrive and at last count I think I was up to 75 figures ordered.
Very much enjoying collecting the Micro-Figures.

Until next time.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Doctor WHO - Building a DALEK Saucer.

Hi. Today I Have built a Dalek Saucer - for my Micro Figure collection.
I visited the Garden Section of our local Hardware shop to find the desired plastic bits.

The four 'Legs' are irrigation system connectors at 90 cents each.

The pot plant dishes - the small one was $3 and the larger 15 inch dish was $7.

I had some thick grey cardboard left over from an old project - which makes the base.

Cardboard base and 'Legs' attached with Supa Glue.

The finished Saucer with a coat of Silver spray paint by White Knight.

Another photo of the finished Saucer.
( Having only seven parts to it - the Saucer was quick to build).

A Blue colored 'Strategist' DALEK near the Saucer.

The 'Strategist' DALEK certainly shows the scale of the Saucer.


Initially for the materials for the Saucer I was looking at using a garbage can lid - though most that i'd looked at were too big and indeed expensive. My finished Dalek Saucer in plastic and cardboard worked out to cost about $15.....well pleased.

I think the Saucer could also double up as a Cyberman ship as well.

Until next time.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Doctor WHO - Eleven Doctors MICRO FIGURES.

Hi. Today my box of Eleven Doctor WHO Micro Figures arrived as made by Character Options. I'd have to say I was most pleased and excited upon opening the box and did experience that tremendous buzz when you receive something special.

 Interestingly Character Options have made the Eleven Doctors sets with some figures variations - for example my Second Doctor figure that I received isn't the same as that shown pictured above. The set is most superb and certainly full of interest.
The detail on each figure of the Doctor has to be seen to be believed - an absolute triumph of technology. Each character has it's own special appeal.

I unpacked one of my favorites - the 7th Doctor ( Sylvester McCoy).
He is a superb little figure featuring seven points of articulation - his head moves side to side, his arms move - and his hands swivel and his legs move from the hips.

I am very fond of the 7th Doctor with his Panama Hat and Brolly.
I'm amazed that the manufacturers have been able to print the little question marks onto his vest- well done indeed!


Obtaining the Eleven Doctors set today marks the beginning of my figure Collection and is certainly the start of my Doctor WHO Project with Micro Figures.

At this stage of proceedings I have ordered other Micro Figures -including Daleks and Cybermen- and I am very much looking forward to the arrival of these additional figures.

In terms of Future Plans for the Micro Figures - I hope to do something with the figures and may end up doing a Photo Story - a sort of 'Game'.
I have plans to build accessories for the figures - including Cottages and such.

Well- it has been a great day!
Just absolutely delighted with the Doctor WHO figures.

Until next time.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doctor WHO - some DISCUSSION on Collecting.

Hi. Thought to update with some thoughts and experiences of Doctor WHO. My introduction to Doctor WHO takes me back to the Black & White TV Episodes of the 2nd Doctor, the 3rd Doctor and 4th the early 1970's. I did not watch each and every Episode then - just catching snippets in between Study - but I liked it all and became very fond of the Series.

In the late 1980's I did have a small Collection of 25mm Harlequin Doctor WHO figures- mainly the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) along with some Daleks and Cybermen. I managed to scratch build a 25mm Tardis and also had a boxed Roleplay Game  and other supplement books. All was sold in 1993 - I lament not having the Collection - especially the printed material.

I later rekindled interest with watching the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) -the First Series and proceeded to collect a whole host of 6" Action Figures. The 6inch figure collection consisted of all eleven Doctor, as many 'Companions' I could locate -including Sarah Jane....there were also Daleks, Sontarians, and Jadoon Aliens....also I collected about six varieties of TARDIS.
Around about 2010 I was also trying to put the finishing touches onto my STAR TREK Playmates figures and ships Collections- as I was sourcing Star Trek items from Florida (USA) at the time- it was all getting rather expensive - a decision was made and I alas decided to let my modest Doctor WHO 6inch Collection go via e-Bay.

Doctor WHO toys again become of interest when I set out to collect 3.75" Action Figures last year (2016). My collection of 3.75" Action Figures included a lighted Tardis, a stand in Doctor and Companion, Daleks, some Aliens (from the 'Twilight Zone') and a number of Civilian 'Extras'. I built some 'Props' such as buildings and space ship interiors as well as the interior of the Tardis. My aim with the 3.75" Collection was to make up a single 'Photo- Story' - which I did and placed the story onto my Blog.
Once I had achieved my aim - I sold off all items.....I wasn't really that happy having a stand-in all wasn't Doctor WHO.

Early last month (May 2017) I placed an order with the UK for a batch of Harlequin 25mm Doctor WHO figures. Well after waiting over five weeks without any delivery of the items - I became quite besides myself with a feeling of utter frustration and disillusion. I cancelled the order and did request and receive a full REFUND.

Just four days ago - I was indeed pondering what to do to obtain my Doctor WHO fix!
I recall several years ago that our Local Hobby Co had a small variety of Doctor WHO figures on their shelves....'Mini- Figurines' OR 'Micro Figurines'....I began to check if these types of figures were still available - after what seems something like six years ago- I was concerned about obtaining them....and YES - they are still available on the Internet - though not at the Local Toy and Hobby Shops.
However- I have found that they are not obtained cheaply and come at inflated prices.

These past few days I have diligently placed several separate orders - mainly using e-Bay....the figures should all be arriving over the next fortnight or so.

At this stage I am very pleased to be collecting the Doctor WHO Macro-Figures....certainly I feel a real buzz to be collecting again- it is the fun thing to do on a limited budget - and the thrill of the chase and nailing down that elusive or rare figure - IS a lot of fun!

I am hoping to do something with the Doctor WHO Macro-Figures....lots of ideas so far and I am very much looking forward to receiving my little miniature purchases.

Please stay tuned for further developments.
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Last of The 25mm COLONIALS PAINTED.

I have had a good morning painting up the last of my Colonial Figures. I used Tamiya and Vallejo paints.
Finally reached the stage of finishing all of the Colonial figures.
8 Sheep, a Lady, 6 Mutineers, a Donkey and two Mules.

The Mutineers and Pack Animals.

The Lady.


Having completed all the Figure Painting I can now turn my attention to scratch modelling my 25mm Gunboat and Launches.


Saturday, 10 June 2017


Tonight I have settled on concentrating my efforts on primarily just two Projects- my 25mm COLONIAL FICTION figures & a Doctor WHO Collection.

(1). COLONIAL FICTION in 25mm.

Ever since the late 1980s I've liked Wargames Foundry 25mm figures - mainly for the Crimea Period and Indian Mutiny. I've now built up a new collection for my Colonial Fiction- with just a few more figures to paint up.
Basically I see that the games will involve my Royal Navy Sailors pitching battle against the  'Mutineers'.
I'm looking forward to yet again building a Gunboat -'H.M.S. Thistle' well as scratch building a lot of other items that will be needed for the fictional skirmish games.

(2). Doctor WHO.

Towards the end of the 1980's I had a good collection of Doctor WHO - which was sold in 1993.
Now, in 2017- I currently am thinking about doing something for Doctor WHO.


At the moment I'm pretty certain that I can go along with my choices of Projects.....certainly there will be the Colonial Fiction skirmish games by the end of the year....Doctor WHO - I'm thinking may turn out to be a 'Collection'  - without any games being played...however things may change in the future.

The only other Project which I have in mind, is a very small scale Star Trek - ship game.
Also- giving some very serious thought to doing Horus Heresy (40K)....future funds permitting.

Thanks for reading.
Cheers. KEV.