Monday, 20 March 2017


Hi. The time is near for the arrival of my 25mm figure order from the UK. When the long awaited 25mm order arrives from Wargames Foundry I should be able to get cracking on figure painting and model making.

I am particularly interested in making up a Royal Navy crew set - complete with Captain and Officers for my Gunboat - the fictional HMS Thistle.

I hope to game the crew of HMS Thistle against an enemy which will be drawn from Wargames Foundry Indian Mutineers.

At this stage have gathered some of the basic parts that will be needed to build HMS Thistle.

                                                                 Bye for now.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Four New HOBBIT Cottages.

Hi. I Have had a good day adding another three HOBBIT Cottages to my collection built from cardboard and some pieces of wood. I do have plans for other cottages and may even attempt to make HOBBIT Burrows too.

My four completed Hobbit Cottages in 15mm.

Close up of the Green Door and Light Blue Hobbit Cottages.

Light blue doored Hobbit Cottage.

Red door Hobbit Cottage.

Yellow door Hobbit Cottage.

Green door Hobbit Cottage.

The 'Tooksburrow' HOBBITS marching past two of their cottages.


At this stage there are other cottages I would like to model and I am seriously thinking about placing each cottage onto a purpose built piece of landscaped terrain. Also, there is a good possibility that I may attempt to model some Hobbit Burrows as well.


Saturday, 18 March 2017


Hi. This afternoon I planned and built a small Hobbit House from cardboard and some wood. This is the Prototype for other Hobbit buildings I would like to make in the future.

              A Hobbit spear armed unit from Tooksburrow marches past the new Hobbit House.

The Hobbit House showing the raw materials.

The Hobbit House undercoated- 'Flat Black'.

The Hobbit House in a scenic setting.

The Hobbit House with three Hobbits from Tooksburrow.


The model of the Hobbit House is the first of a series of buildings that I would like to make - this one is really a Prototype to test out the choice of materials, tools and methods.

Most pleased with the first Hobbit House.


Friday, 17 March 2017

The HOBBIT & RATMEN ARMIES all Completed.

Hi. Between yesterday and to-day I have completed my HOBBIT and RATMEN Armies from go to woe. Very pleased with the results. Please enjoy the photos.

My completed 15mm HOBBIT 'Tooksburrow Contingent'.

Above: Close up of the Independant Characters - the Tooksburrow  Chief.

Hobbit Spears.

Hobbit Archers.

I tried to provide a non-uniform appearance with different colored apparel and shields.

I replaced the Irregular cast metal Flags with my own - piano wire and printed paper flags.

The HOBBIT Tooksburrow Contingent Overall Commander.

Very pleased with my HOBBIT Contingent.
There are 68 Hobbits.

The full array of the RATMEN Army,

The RATMEN Armies overall Leader.
I have chosen to name my Ratmen Leader as 'Skaznarl'- The Rat LORD.

Sword armed Ratmen unit.

Bow armed Ratman unit.

Ratman Cavalry - riders on huge varieties of giant rats.

The 1st Ratman sword armed unit,

I tried to vary the color of the fur of the Ratmen from grey to dark brown.

The full RATMEN Army.
All up there are 102 Ratmen.

The Ratmen Cavalry - with it's independent Leader/Champion.

For he Ratmen Army Standards- I have used the old 'Skaven' triangle symbol as designed by Citadel.


I am very pleased with the painting and basing of the miniatures - I'm especially pleased with the HOBBITS - I  am still buzzing...they are just what I wanted.

At this stage I am thinking that the Hobbit Contingent may need to be bolstered by a Dwarf when the Ratmen Army was completed- I thought they do look very daunting and possibly too overwhelming for the Hobbits to deal with in a battle....may need the help of a Wizard as well.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Irregular HOBBITS underway in 15mm.

Hi. Have had a good morning with the arrival of my HOBBITS, Ratmen and Lizardmen. Readied the Hobbits for the painting to be done this evening. I may have them finished late tomorrow.

                                       Hobbit Chiefs /Leaders with spear armed rank and file Hobbits.

Full array of Hobbits plus some Sheep.

Hobbit Archers.

Hobbit Spears and Shields.

Temporary Basing on Paddle Pop Sticks using PVA white wood glue.

Undercoating with Matt Black spray.

My two favourite Hobbit castings - A helmed Chief and spear armed Hobbit.

Very pleased to receive my order from Eureka Miniatures.
I can spend the next few days painting up the Hobbit Contingent and a Ratman Army.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hi. About thirty years ago I read the HOBBIT by J.R.Tolkein - it left a lasting impression on me.
I started re-reading the story again to refresh my memory as background to my 15mm Middle Earth Project. Basically I would like to play smallish games in 15mm to represent The Hobbits of the SHIRE holding out against the forces of Evil and Darkness - more anon.

 There is a plathora of goodly Maps available on the internet showing the lands of Middle Earth and also if you search closely you can find maps of the 'SHIRE'. I'm fascinated with the Middle Earth Maps and today I bought a most useful illustrated book which is an Atlas of the Tolkein World which gives an overview of times before, during and after the setting of The Hobbit.

I have chosen the above drawing of a Female Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf - mainly to show to my mind what an actual Hobbit looks comparison to his larger Dwarf friend.

 Above is shown IRREGULAR 15mm Halflings which I will use for my appears that the figures are supplied with at least five variations for each of the figure types and they each measure about 10mm tall.
My figure order according to my friend Nick (at EUREKA) Melbourne should be here by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday)- particularly looking forward to this- as my Partner is going away for the weekend with friends and I'd certainly would like to spend the time at home painting Hobbits this weekend uninterrupted.

Above is shown IRREGULAR 15mm 'Ratmen'...I've ordered quite a horde of these Ratmen as well as Lizardmen. The Ratmen will be arriving with the Hobbit order to-morrow.

Way back in 1989 I had many a fine Warhammer game and Campaign over several years with my friend Lt.Walter.D from Canberra - pitching my Dwarves and Hobbits against Walter's Skaven (Rat) Army - so, after all these years it only seems natural for me to choose IRREGULAR 15mm Ratmen as the main enemy of the Hobbits.

At this stage I plan to paint up a smallish contingent of Hobbits and a slightly larger force of Ratmen.
After basing the figures I'd like to turn my attention towards building my Hobbit's part of the SHIRE in 15mm. Once I'm satisfied that I have the various structures and terrain sorted I would like to write some simple Games Rules - so that I can play a series of SOLO Battles......I have no other intentions other than these simple steps to follow - I should imagine, now that I am retired- that the whole MIDDLE EARTH Project should not take that long to achieve.

My part of the Hobbit's SHIRE will be known at 'Tooksburrow' not worry, you won't find it on any official  Middle Earth map - I made up the name this doing things like this.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A NEW Cottage Building for Colonials.

Hi. Have had a good morning building a small Cottage from different thicknesses of cardboard.

The finished 25mm Cottage.

I tried out a different method for making the roof tiles - quicker method though some detail is lost.
Pleased with the model and look forward to making other similar  buildings.

Regards. KEV.