Wednesday, 22 February 2017

SPACE 1889- going to a 25mm SKIRMISH Game.

Hi. Well I have decided to go to 25mm scale - thinking about Skirmish Games for my SPACE 1889 Project. To be precise it will be all about The ITALIANS on MARS....not sure how this fits in with Frank Chadwick's overall scenario for SPACE 1889.  I certainly have a liking for the Italians.
I've placed several orders tonight for figures as shown below.
I've chosen to go with 25mm OLD GLORY (US) figures for the ITALIANS and also- ( and here is the quirky bit.....) for figures to serve as my MARTIANS - I will be employing the rather suitable 25/28mm Games Workshop HIGH ELVES from WARHAMMER.

Above: 25mm OLD GLORY - 'Italian Sailors'.
I really like these castings from Old Glory (US) Boxer Rebellion sets - as there are 30 figures in each packet I can afford to convert at least one of the figures into an Italian Flag Bearer using Piano Wire and printed paper. I have not a lot in the way of information about Italian Sailor Uniforms - though, seeing that SPACE 1889 is indeed fictional - I can please myself about what constitutes a typical uniform of the period for the Italians.

Above: 25mm Old Glory - 'British Zulu War' Command figures.
No- I will not be painting these up as being British. Rather I will convert some Officers to serve as ITALIAN Naval Officers and the remaining figures will be painted up as ITALIAN Infantry Command.
I particularly like the fact that with this Old Glory set- there are a good many variations of pose.

Above: 25mm Old Glory - 'British Infantry Zulu War- without kit'.
As with some of the British Command figures I will paint up these British Infantry to look ITALIAN.
I have no bones about doing this sort of paint conversion to produce the Italians - last year I did a similar conversion with my 1/72nd Esci Zulu War British - to produce Italians for the Abyssinian Campaign. Believe me- it does work!

Above: Now for the quirky bit~!

Shown above is an assortment of Games Workshop 'High Elves' in a pretty awful state of disrepair with missing parts and broken pieces etc....I've bought these from e-Bay for a reasonable price thinking that I can restore the figures. I have estimated that the purchase has saved me at least $100 decidedly so, if not more- after looking at current GW prices here in Sydney.

I figure that I will only need about thirty odd figures per side for a basic Skirmish Game....later I may add more HIGH ELVES to bolster my stock of  MARTIANS.

In using 'High Elves' as MARTIANS - I do not think that it is too absurd or far fetched. If anything I do think they look the part....being in armor - I'm already thinking about 'Armor Saves' against the Italian's rifle fire at longer ranges....also, having Bow armed Martians will give the MARTIANS some hitting capacity against the humans at a good range.....yes, I'm pleased with my purchase of the 'High Elves' and certainly look forward to restoring them.

Also - through the last week I ordered a 2mm Army by IRREGULAR - I've got it in the back of my mind to  do something along the lines of 1/900th Aeronef / SPACE 1889 ...with scratch built flying ships. This will all be an entirely separate Project ...something I've been thinking about for years- I've now the time to do these things and most importantly - the motivation and concentration to try and get things done in a reasonable time.

At this stage I have decided to sell all my 15mm Colonials.
Well- I am looking forward to the arrival of the 25/28mm Old Glory and Games Workshop will be great to get underway soon.

Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hello. I have decided to put aside the SPACE 1889 project- yes I know it has only been a few weeks so far - I concluded today that at this stage it is entirely to large and involved for me at this stage. I am searching for a smaller sized game altogether- along the lines of a skirmish scaled game/concept. Just about solving  a solution to the problem of what to do- choosing something which will suit my limited budget and interest. I may return to Space 1889 at a later stage.
Regards. KEV.

Monday, 13 February 2017

The NAVAL BRIGADE in 15mm.

Hi.  I've had a good evening last night painting up my first BLUE MOON 15mm - Naval Brigade.
Very pleased with the figures - I paint in block fashion with Tamiya, Vallejo and Citadel paints.

My painting detail does not stand up to close-up digital photos and to the eye they look OK. All up it took about three hours to do the 30 figures. I decided to base the Sailors in groups of three on a base measuring 30mm frontage by 23mm depth.  I chose a basic Antique Green to paint the bases and later I may add some lighter green - brown flock.

At the moment my choice of Rules is undecided and as a consequence the basic game unit may be a Regiment of ten bases (30 Figures) or some other arrangement. Eric Burgess empolys 4 bases of 3 figures per Regiment - and this does work well with his Rules. I'd like to have largish Regiments for the Games and how the Naval Brigade is now based- I do have a degree of flexibility.

My next set of figures to paint will be British - red coated Infantry.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

SPACE 1889 Book and 15mm Figures.

Hi. This morning I ordered a copy of 'SPACE 1889'- the Role Play Book from the UK.

The SPACE 1889 book will take awhile to arrive - will be pleased to add it to my Collection.
I am hoping that the book will provide some useful background information and images that I can employ and be inspired by for my Game Scenarios with 15mm.

 These BLUE MOON 15mm Colonial figures pictured above will be sent to me soon from my Friend Russell in Victoria. A long while ago I sold them to Russell - and now I am exchanging a collection of EMPRESS - Maori Wars 28mm figures with Russell  for the Blue Moon 15mm.

I'd actually forgotten about the contents of the Blue Moon 15mm which I had sold to Russell - there are far more figure packets than I remember....coupled to a recent Order for Blue Moon 15mm - I will have plenty of figures to make up quite large Units for my future Games.

At the moment reading Rules for SPACE 1889 from the 'Soldiers Companion' by Frank Chadwick....I also have a copy of  'Martian Empires' Rules which I find quite interesting - between the two rules sets there may be my own devised - simple set of rules for VSF evolving sometime down the track.


Monday, 6 February 2017

SPACE 1889 My Resources.

Hi. Thought to show you my collection of publications for SPACE 1889.

 I have owned the 'Cloudships & Gunboats' boxed edition probably since 1984...however, it does compliment the Boardgame - 'Sky Galleons of Mars'...which I do not have yet- unfortunatly.
I especially like the box cover artwork for 'Cloudships & Gunboats' - a very good idea is gained of the actual appearance of the Frank Chadwick's style of Martians.

                                   UPDATE Note: Have just ordered a copy of  'Sky Galleons of Mars'.

 The 'SOLDIERS COMPANION' by Frank Chadwick. This is a very interesting book which contains the Miniatures Rules and Army Lists. I've had this book since covers all the protagonist Nations and Races encountered in the SPACE 1889 worlds.

 'CONKLIN's ATLAS of the WORLDS' by Frank Chadwick. This Conklins is a must read and ready reference to a plathora of background information regarding the worlds of SPACE 1889.

 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' by Frank Chadwick. I've ordered this book - I have big hopes for this publication - thinking that I can adapt some of the rules for 15mm gaming of SPACE 1889.

I have chosen to go 15mm for my SPACE 1889 games - choosing Blue Moon figures from the US.


At this stage I await a 15mm figure order from the US and also the delivery of the books 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' and 'SKY GALLEONS of MARS'.

Really looking forward to this project and intend to get a PROJECT Folder underway - tomorrow.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Choosing SPACE 1889.

Hi. I have spent the last few days mulling over what to do regarding gaming and miniatures- trying to define exactly what I want to do into the future - Today I settled on choosing to go with SPACE 1889.

Long ago in the early 1980s when Frank Chadwick's concept of SPACE 1889 emerged- I was indeed most taken by it and have always had an admiring and fascinating interest in his VSF work. Alas, playing at SPACE 1889 in any form never really evolved for me- I did have a sort of VSF going in 28mm , though it wasn't SPACE 1889.

 Tonight I placed an order for Frank Chadwick's book 'Ironclads and Ether Flyers'. I just enjoy the concept of flying vessels in the Victorian era - I look forward to reading this book and tend to hope that perhaps the rules can be adaptable to a larger scale for the Airials so that I can use actual figures with the vessels - something which cannot be done in small ship scales of 1/1200th and such.

 I've had a copy of Frank Chadwick's 'Soldiers Companion' ever since it was published back in 1984- the text and illustrations have always fascinated me- and I ponder why I've never done anything really in terms of games using the book. I also have a copy of Frank Chadwick's 'Conklins Atlas' - this too has proven to be a most interesting read and visually stimulating work.

When it comes to SPACE 1889 Games it seems that 2mm Figures are usable with Flying Ship models...though, I'm doubting that I could be ever satisfied with 2mm Armies. I have not seen much on the net in the way of 6mm Space 1889, nor 10mm for that matter....however, I have seen examples of 15mm as in the Rules Book- 'Martian Empires' by Oozlum Games and also 15mm being used by a Martain Empires Gaming Group in the US.....this has attracted me - the smaller scale appeals to me particularly.

I thought long and hard about 25/28mm figures though came to the conclusion rightly or wrongly that the figures such as those by RAFM for the Martains were just not, when it comes to 15/18mm I'm certainly a fan of 'Blue Moon' figures. I tend now to prefer 15mm - I've always felt that 15mm does afford a greater sense of field space than say 28mm- just a personal choice.

I have placed an order with 'Blue Moon' for their 15mm Colonial Figures - yes, they do not make Martians - yet Eli Arndt in his Blog- 'I see Lead People' did make a suggested idea that perhaps 'Blue Moon' - Woodland Indians may be an answer for 'Martains'....I took a closer look at the Woodland Indians  as suggested by Eli- and certainly it is most possible....we will see as I've ordered two lots of them- here is hoping that they sort of resemble Frank Chadwick's Martains.

As to the Games in mind for SPACE 1889.

I tend to think that I'd like to play a sort of semi-skirmish / largish battle with the 15mm figures and throw in some form of Airials being present in this scale.

Time  and progress will tell how successful the idea of mixing Foot Units with what could be quite dominating small Airial vessels in the field of battle turns is all pretty interesting.

Thanks for reading.
Having fun!