Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My MARS Project - #3 Update.

Hi. Well I have been sculpting in 30mm and upon nearing the completion of the entire process I took a critical look at my efforts- with the result that I will scrap what I've so far done and begin again! I will now choose to work at a smaller scale of 20mm. I wasn't at all happy with my 30mm efforts for commercial production and now I do feel that if I work more accurately ( and slower) in 20mm - then the finished sculpted figures may be more acceptable.

I would have to say that the sculpting and figure production does appear that it will not be entirely finished until well into the New Year.

For now more anon.
Until next time.......
Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

My MARS Project - #2 Update.

Hi. Just a short note- I'm half way through producing my Master Figures for Commercial Production.
When I am finished this batch - there will be British Infantry, Royal Navy and Martians represented.
At this stage it may not be until well into the New Year that I can show you some photos of the painted finished figures for Mars.

I am very much looking forward to developing my Mars Project during 2018.

Well -that is about it -until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

My MARS Project - #1 Update.

Hi. Progress is steady - received my basic cast figures from my original sculptures of British and Martians...need to complete the masters ( possibly within the next two weeks)....wrote some basic rules for army battles on Mars- which needs a great deal more work- and possibly I will not finish the rules until the armies are painted up and thoroughly solo gamed several times....did write up an 'Introduction' to my book on my Mars Project- a book is an obvious extension to the rules writing and I'd like to do a book- but it isn't a priority. Had a pleasing evening designing some Airial Flying vessels for my British and Martian figures.
That is about it for now.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

MARS 1/800th AIRIALS & Other Considerations.

Hi. This evening I wrote a one page set of Rules for my Scratch Built 1/800th MARS Airials. Tonight I set up a little confrontation between one Martian vessel against one British on my work bench. I wasn't trying too hard and the British Airial won two consecutive 'Games' outright.

From my little experimental Games with the Airials it would seem that the Martian Squadron will have a devil of a time defeating the British....the Martains are at some disadvantage due to the Design of their vessels. The Martian vessel has only one heavy cannon which is mounted in the Stem and can only fire forward and swivel on an arc of 45 degrees each side of the Bow....whereas the British vessels have Heavy Cannons mounted in Turrets forward and aft which can cover all aspects.

It does get worse for the Martains in a Broadside positional situation where their vessels only have the use of three Light Cannons against the British Broadside of two Heavy cannons plus two Light cannons....clearly the Martians are out-gunned in Broadside by the British.

Possibly the worst feature of the Martain vessels is that there is no protection of the Aft part of their gunnery covering the Stern....certainly this is a major disadvantage should the British cross the 'T' with a British broadside unopposed by the Martains....shock - horror!

Well- I did design these vessels and I might say that I do favor the British and did take some short cuts with the Martain vessel design and now I'm completely surprised by the British vessels being so superior....anyway, after I write up my Rules properly I will stage a larger game and we shall see if the Martains can in some ways out-smart the British.

OTHER Considerations.

For Figure 'Battles' I am currently in the process of making a set of figures which will be larger than 25mm - mainly I see these figures being useful for 'Skirmish' games....or small Company sized engaugements. ...nothing cast in concrete yet - though I am definitely interested in doing this aspect of my MARS Project.....for now more anon.

Well that is about it for this evening.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Hi. I have designed a batch of British and Martian Airials to suit 2mm Scale (1/800th). I had a good assortment of raw materials at hand and only needed to buy some Screw Caps to be used as turrets for an outlay of $4.50 from our Local Hardware Shop.

The Martian and British Airials in a raw state.
I made use of Poker Chips and coat hanger wire for the stands.

A British Steam Airial - Starboard Side.
Have made use of Pinewood, Plastic Screw Caps, steel pins, Styrene sheet, rod and tube.

Martian Electric Airial.
I have made use of MDF wood, Pinewood, Plastic Screw caps, Pins, Map Pins and styrene sheet.

Three Martian Electric Airials in 1/800th -painted with Gold by 'White Knight'.

Three British Steam Airials in 1/800th - painted with 'Tamiya' Grey.
I made up the paper British Flags to 4mm tall and printed them using my Cannon Printer.

The finished Airial Fleets in 1/800th approaching each other at medium range.
Had decided very early with this Project to only make three Airials for each side- later I may decide to add some larger British and Martian versions as required.

Close up of the three British Steam Airials.

The Airial Fleets or Squadrons close in on each other at very short range.


I had a lot of fun making these miniature ships- it took roughly an hour to make each vessel.
Very pleased with the look of the models and well pleased that I managed to create designs and finished models that are well within the scope of the materials and tools that I had available for the Project.

Well- that is it for now.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Monday, 13 November 2017

My MARS Project - two fold.

Hi. At present a set of my miniature Sculptured figures for MARS are at the molding and casting stage - after which there is more to be done to produce the final masters for production.

A 'Green' and watery MARS.

At this stage my MARS Project is two fold- there will be a set of figures for gaming on the table with figures larger than 25mm- this will be for Skirmish type addition to these figures there will be a 2mm (1/800th)  Air Vessel in combat.

That is about it for this Update.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My MARS Colonial Fiction Project.

Hi. As it would happen I have lured myself into another Project- involving Figure Sculpting, Casting and Painting of Miniatures...
....since 1984 I have had a very enjoyable interest in
Frank Chadwick's 'SPACE 1889'. 

I had previously completed my 'MARS' Project in 40mm several year ago - dissatisfied with the amount of room required by 40mm Armies- I sold the entire collection. Now, I am interested in re-vamping this Project- though to a smaller scale.

As background reading to inspire my own Rules Writing for 'MARS' I chose to read through Frank Chadwick's excellent book -'SOLDIERS COMPANION'.

 I found the Miniatures Rules for SPACE 1889 to be rather lengthy at thirty pages covering the base rules - before moving onto other times heavy reading with some difficult rules mechanisms to get my head around. However a good amount of the Base Rules  are most appealing and do somewhat influence my thinking to-wards developing my own simpler set of rules....I am the sort of enthusiast who likes 'One-Page Rules' and certainly balk at referring to reams of Rules - and I certainly do not like any Rules where you are obliged constantly to refer to indexed volumes of text and tables to work out relatively minor points of conjecture. For now more anon.

Above: Shown is my Collection of SPACE 1889 Books.


I would certainly be interested in hearing from any of my Readers who may have played 
SPACE 1889 as a Wargame - with the Frank Chadwick miniatures rules.

To-morrow ( Saturday) I will commence some Miniatures Sculpting.
It is the sort of activity where you have to be in the right mood.

Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.