Monday, 6 February 2017

SPACE 1889 My Resources.

Hi. Thought to show you my collection of publications for SPACE 1889.

 I have owned the 'Cloudships & Gunboats' boxed edition probably since 1984...however, it does compliment the Boardgame - 'Sky Galleons of Mars'...which I do not have yet- unfortunatly.
I especially like the box cover artwork for 'Cloudships & Gunboats' - a very good idea is gained of the actual appearance of the Frank Chadwick's style of Martians.

                                   UPDATE Note: Have just ordered a copy of  'Sky Galleons of Mars'.

 The 'SOLDIERS COMPANION' by Frank Chadwick. This is a very interesting book which contains the Miniatures Rules and Army Lists. I've had this book since covers all the protagonist Nations and Races encountered in the SPACE 1889 worlds.

 'CONKLIN's ATLAS of the WORLDS' by Frank Chadwick. This Conklins is a must read and ready reference to a plathora of background information regarding the worlds of SPACE 1889.

 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' by Frank Chadwick. I've ordered this book - I have big hopes for this publication - thinking that I can adapt some of the rules for gaming of SPACE 1889.


At this stage I await a figures ordered from the US and also the delivery of the books 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' and 'SKY GALLEONS of MARS'.

Really looking forward to this project and intend to get a PROJECT Folder underway - tomorrow.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Choosing SPACE 1889.

Hi. I have spent the last few days mulling over what to do regarding gaming and miniatures- trying to define exactly what I want to do into the future - Today I settled on choosing to go with SPACE 1889.

Long ago in the early 1980s when Frank Chadwick's concept of SPACE 1889 emerged- I was indeed most taken by it and have always had an admiring and fascinating interest in his VSF work. Alas, playing at SPACE 1889 in any form never really evolved for me- I did have a sort of VSF going in 28mm , though it wasn't SPACE 1889.

 Tonight I placed an order for Frank Chadwick's book 'Ironclads and Ether Flyers'. I just enjoy the concept of flying vessels in the Victorian era - I look forward to reading this book and tend to hope that perhaps the rules can be adaptable to a larger scale for the Airials so that I can use actual figures with the vessels - something which cannot be done in small ship scales of 1/1200th and such.

 I've had a copy of Frank Chadwick's 'Soldiers Companion' ever since it was published back in 1984- the text and illustrations have always fascinated me- and I ponder why I've never done anything really in terms of games using the book. I also have a copy of Frank Chadwick's 'Conklins Atlas' - this too has proven to be a most interesting read and visually stimulating work.

As to the Games in mind for SPACE 1889.

I tend to think that I'd like to play a sort of semi-skirmish / largish battle with some form of Airials being present in this scale.

Time  and progress will tell how successful the idea of mixing Foot Units with what could be quite dominating small Airial vessels in the field of battle turns is all pretty interesting.

Thanks for reading.
Having fun!