Thursday, 14 September 2017


Hi. I thought to show you my favorite Playmates Figure - a 'Conversion' of SCOTTY the Chief Engineers for STAR TREK-The Motion Picture. (TMP).

I really am fond of the Montgomery Scott figure - as Chief Engineer of the ENTERPRISE he is the one in charge of keeping the engines and power mechanics of the star ship in peek operational performance.

 I do like my 'Conversion' figure of Scotty - certainly admire this Playmates character.

To-day at the Dollar Shop I returned home with this colorful drink bottle - thinking I may be able to convert it into an Engineering 'Warp Core' model for my future free-lance TMP sets.  It certainly is the right colour.


Things are moving rather slowly -as I've not even proceeded to the planning stage for my free-lance set designs for the TMP Playmates figures...may make a real start on it all next week.

Well- that is about it for the moment.
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

STAR TREK - The Motion Picture PLAYMATES Figures.

Hi. Thought to show you my collection of Star Trek- The Motion Picture (TMP) - (1979) .
These 5" Figures are by Playmates- being produced in the early 1990s. My collection was made up in 2014.

 Above: Shown is the full array of my 13 figures for Star Trek -The Motion Picture.

From L to R. 
Ensign Chekov, Mr Spock, Captain Kirk, Dr McCoy.

From L to R.
Mr Scott (Engineer), Nurse Christine Chapel, William Deker, Chekov.

From L to R.
Dr McCoy, Lt Uhura, Ilia Probe, Mr Sulu.

From L to R.
Mr Sulu, Yoeman Janice Rand, Bashir, Dax.
( I included the Bashir and Dax figures as 'Extras').

Above: These are my seven Conversion Figures.

Conversions: Mr Scott, Nurse Chapel and W. Deker.

Conversions: Chekov, Yoeman Rand, Bashir and Dax.

It cost a fair bit to do my seven converted figures as I needed two different figures for each final converted figure. Yoeman Janice Rand was the most difficult to do as I had to re-model the figures hair from the 'Beehive' of TOS to a more 1970s style for Janice.
( You may note the 'hands' on the female figure conversions are not exactly the right color - I have now a bottle of Vallejo acrylic paint which will be better and I will do re-painting tomorrow).

UPDATE: 14th Sept 2017.

L to R: Deker, Rand, Dax, Chapel.
Have re-painted the hands and necks of these figures.
The Vallejo acrylic 'Flat Flesh' works well.


The figures shown above are the complete range from Playmates for The Motion Picture (1979) Series. I think Playmates missed a golden opportunity by electing not produce a complete range of figures. However, I am very pleased with my 'Conversions' and am certainly glad to now have a complete range of characters.


At the moment I am particularly enthused by The Motion Picture figures and I intend to make some 'SET' models for these 5" Playmates. I hope to build an ENTERPRISE Bridge model...though I am thinking along the lines of making my own design for the Bridge and should keep it's features believably to the 1970s period.

Many years ago I built a Bridge model for the 5" Playmates 'Classic TOS Set'....the model did not feature lighting and this was something I should try to do for my next Bridge model for TMP figures.

Well - that is about it for now.
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Friday, 8 September 2017

COLLECTING PLAYMATES 5" Figures and Ships.

Hi. Welcome to my re-vamped Site concerning my Star Trek Toy Collection which I'd like to eventually show you along with Star Trek Books and also voice my general thoughts to do with STAR TREK.

Back in mid- 1993 I purchased my first Playmates 5" Figures.
I bought a pair - being Captain Jean Luc Picard and Counselor Deanna Troi.

 I can still remember the day I brought home these two Star Trek - Next Generation figures from our Local Toy Shop and remember well the absolute thrill of opening the packages and setting down the two figures on the surface of my study bench. I studied these figures with absolute wonder- they are fantastic! Absolutely remarkable likeness and extremely well made.  I was indeed very pleased- and off-course later I set about obtaining all the figures from the Playmates series for ST-TNG.

Some years ago I built a special Cabinet with lighting to display my Playmates 5" figures and Star Trek ships.
 I collected from 1993 right up to about 2014. When I began the Playmates collection I was paying about $8 to $10 per figure- I remember well finishing up purchasing most of my Collection from the United States from places like California, Hollywood, Los Vegas and Playmates figure of Commander William Riker for my 'Nemisis' Collection ended up costing $75 from New York ( at the time the figure was the only one I could find - in the World! )....I do not worry about the cost, nor the value of my Collection - I just love it and admire what I have and am not concerned about it all being an investment and what it is worth and so forth....I'm just very pleased in being able to have such a great Star Trek Collection.

 Above is shown my Star Trek - The Next Generation (TNG) Collection showing the first figures purchased.

Above: Much later in  Collecting I was very pleased when Playmates announced that they had made and released the figures from STAR TREK The Original Series (TOS). Yes- The 'CLASSIC' set of Classic figures were sent to me by a very good American friend - Sharon Atwood from 'Little Rock' (USA).
I added to the basic ' Classic Set' to build up a complete Collection.....I marvel at the Classic Set - as certainly as a youngster in the 1960s I yearned for such figures - marvelous Toys!


Well- I am very pleased to bring to you some photos of my Collection. In future posts I would like to show the Collection to you in some detail- this may be of interest to you- so please stay tuned.

Well that is about it for to-night.
I'm tired - having thought about re-vamping my post.
Until next time.