Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The RAILWAY Children -1970 Movie.

Hi. Thought to mention to you that I've had a few very enjoyable days learning all about the splendid movie of 1970 - 'The Railway Children'.

My interest in the 1970 Railway Children movie all came about a few days ago with the delivery from Hattons (UK) of a spare Hornby J83 Tank Engine....in the box was the addition of a Hattons Catalogue- in it's pages was an add for the Bachmann 'The Railway Children' OO scale boxed set....I decided to investigate further.....along the way learning a good deal more than expected.

 Above is shown a key moment in the adventures of the Railway Children from the 1970 movie.

 To-day I watched my DVD movie 'The RAILWAY CHILDREN'....and thoroughly enjoyed the experience....I knew it would be excellent as Lionel Jeffries wrote the Screeneplay and Directed the making of the movie. I won't say anymore about it and give away the story- though enough to say that for the Railway Station scenes 'Oakworth' was the setting - and the Station is very much as it was back in the 1970s during filming.
Above is the contents of the Bachman model railway set for 'The Railway Children' in OO scale. The set contains the Pannier Tank engine, two Carriages and also a model of 'Oakwoth' Station Building.

Front view of the Bachman OO scale model of 'Oakworth'.... I decided early on not to obtain the full boxed set- however I did take a liking for the Station Building model and have ordered one from the UK. It is a delightful model - though not fully complete - yet, I will be well pleased to receive it in the next few weeks.

 OAKWORTH Station as it appears to-day - hardly touched by time - a  splendid historical site.

I found the above Survey Map of Oakworth Station and its surrounds- possibly 1910. It would appear that by 1970 a good deal of track had been previously removed - in particular the run-around loop....also, it would appear that there was a Signal Box facing the Goods Yard and Goods Shed- no evidence of it to-day.

I am seriously thinking about this OAKWORTH older Track arrangement for my Hornby Railway model Layout in OO scale. ( More about this in another later posting).

 Above: A painting of Oakworth Station Building - it would appear that the small attached part of the building on the right hand side is something which is missing on the Bachman OO model.

 I also could not resist obtaining a copy of the Making of the RAILWAY CHILDREN by Jim Shipley.
Very much looking forward to reading and viewing this book from the UK. It will be great!
Finally- I am presently awaiting the delivery of my Hornby ADAMS Radial Tank engine from Hattons (UK). I have indeed locked myself into a Period roughly from 1948 to 1956 by obtaining engines with the Early British Rail Emblem....I must admit I do like black engines with red lining - looks very pleasing.

Well- that is about it for to-night.
Until next time.


  1. Remember going to the cinema to see 'The Railway Children', didn't know they did a railway set derived from it , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Yes- I believe that Tri-ang also had a Railway Children set using a 3F Jinty tank. Bachmann's set is an improovement. Oh- certainly would have enjoyed seeing the 170s movie at the Cinema on the big screene. Cheers. KEV.

  2. My memory of the film is somewhat vague, but I do remember seeing it back in the day, and the train set does look very nice.

    1. Peter,
      Re-watching an old Classic is certainly worthwhile. I have the 1970 movie of The Railway Children -and today I purchased the 2000 re-make...will watch this later version to-night. Yes, the Bachmann set is very nice- though I won't be obtaining it as I'm firmly focused on Early British Rail..The Railway Children was set in the period of about 1905 which is much earlier. Cheers. KEV.

  3. One of my perennial favourites, along with the 'Titfield Thunderbolt'. If you want to base your layout on Oakworth there is an article in "ideas for layouts" by Model Rail magazine about 15 pages long, suggesting just such a thing.

    1. Joppy,
      Yes- that would be interesting to read the Model Rail article- though I am just about settled on my layout idea- just need to formalize it and do a proper scale Plan of the track work then I can place an order for the Peco Code 100 Track. Cheers. KEV.