Sunday, 6 August 2017

MODEL RAILWAY Books on the Way!

Hi. Thought to show you some publications that I have ordered and eagerly await.

 First, is the 'WHOPPER' book of Trains. I cold not resist purchasing yet another Children's Annual on Trains- certainly from the sample pages that I have seen - this book looks packed with interesting facts,information and illustration.

 Above is the Norman Simmons book 'How to go Railway Modelling' (5th Edn). I had seen the list of Topics covered in the book and certainly I should be able to learn a great deal from Mr Simmon's text and photos. Looking forward to receiving this book from the UK.

C.J. Freezer's book 'First Steps in RAILWAY MODELLING' ....I jumped at the chance to own this Beginners book as indeed Mr Freezer was the Editor of the magazine -RAILWAY MODELLER back in the 1970s....certainly this book will help me greatly to approach the basics with more confidence.

Well that is about it for the moment.
Until next time.


  1. I really enjoyed John H Ahern,s books on building scenery and another on building buildings. P D Hancock,s Narrow guage adventure really inspires me and is one l come back to again and again. It is also a comforting read when l can't sleep and has been enjoyed over a cuppa in the wee small hours of the night.
    I look forward to following this project.l haven't popped by for a while but will read more often with avid interest.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Glad you popped in for a comment. Often think about how you are going there in Scotland. Yes, John H Ahern's books are inspiring - we can learn a lot from his approach to Scratch Modelling and great solutions to modelling for miniature Railways. P D Hancock's OO9 & OO 'Craigshire' is very interesting - one of my all time favorite Railway Modeller articles- from the 1970s...his placement of miniature figures is just simply fascinating and very well thought out. I look forward to you following my Model Railway postings....things are a little slow though making steady progress. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Replies
    1. Tony,
      Yes indeed - certainly classic books...I tend to be able to learn a lot from old books- somehow they have been written with great thought- I find great delight within their pages...I very much enjoy the hand done illustrations and artwork. Yes, very special books. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Kev
    There is a great 1960s Ladybird book called The Story of Railways that you would enjoy - plenty available 2nd hand online.

    1. ManofTin,
      Hi. Thank you for the tip on the 1960s Ladybird book named 'The Story of Railways'...yes, I will try and find it on e-Bay (UK)-though my funds are getting rather short I'm sure that I can scrape together a purchase. My Ladybird book on British Railway Engines is a great book- and in great condition too. Cheers. KEV.