Monday, 7 August 2017

HORNBY Skaledale Buildings Range.

Hi. Yes - I know that I should be Scratch Building for my Hornby Model Railway in OO and that would be very good for my well being - though I could not resist purchasing two ready-made buildings from the Hornby SKALEDALE Range.

To the Right is shown the Hornby GREEN HOUSE. I chose to purchase this finished model as I needed a small Green House for my proposed model of the 'Seymour Farm'- being a small acreage holding I felt that Mr & Mrs Seymour would have a smallish Green House. The Hornby model is super and suits the purpose being very well detailed and it should look great on the landscaped gardens of the 'Seymour Farm'.
Above is shown the Hornby 'Platform SIGNAL BOX'. I had visions of building my own version of a Signal Box- though when I saw this Platform model and the detail presented - I just could not resist the purchase.
I am certainly glad to have this Hornby Platform Signal Box model as it is just superb- I've also found that as a model it certainly helps to get my eye-in for 1/76th scale modelling....viewing and measuring details such as the brickwork, timber cladding and slate roofing certainly should allow me to make such features on my own models more accurate to suit the scale for 'OO'.

I have been painting more Ian Langley OO figures this afternoon - with finish applied in satin lacquer to be done tomorrow- well pleased with the Langley figures which I hope to show you at a latter date.

Well that is about it for to-night.
Until next time.


  1. Have seen those Skaledale buildings in our sadly now closed model shop - very nice indeed ! , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Yes the Hornby 'Skaledale' Range does present excellent models - however, they are not cheap. I find that our Local Model Shop will escalate the prices dramatically -e.g. a model that retails in the UK for 7 GBP is ramped up here to $30 AUS...roughly four times the price! Basically this is what is wrong with the Model Railway scene here- and ramping up prices isn't something new - it has been going on for ages....a classic is that I could purchase an O-6-OT Locomotive direct from the UK for 28GBP ($56AUS)....our Shops here are selling the same engine for $145 AUS. Just pure Greed! Well- that is my grumble...hence, I prefer to buy directly from the UK and prefer to wait two- to three weeks for delivery. It is a huge saving. Cheers. KEV.