Saturday, 22 July 2017

Triang & HORNBY.

Hi. I have found a good photo of the Triang 3F 'Jinty Tank.
 The Tri-ang 3F O-6-0T 'Jinty' was indeed the only engine that I yearned for in my youth- from 1962 onwards- I just liked the look of it. Now - several decades have passed since the 3F was manufactured and I can now can see that Hornby has indeed come a long way upon improving the model designs of this style of engine. The Triang 3F has various features which are not appealing - such as a very large magnet protruding into the Cab space of the engine- this feature to me is the most unrealistic part of the model- also, the rather large brass slot-screw forward of the left tank certainly is a distraction.

Above is shown the HORNBY J83 0-6-0T which to-day (July 2017) is a far superior model than the older 3F by Tri-ang. The best feature to my eyes is that the Cab of the J83 is totally vacant of any protrusions - and this looks most realistic. The J83 features the British Rail logo, lining of tanks, boiler and bunker and the numbers are also resplendant and crisply done.

Altogether I am very pleased with the HORNBY J83 - it is just superb for a ready-to-run model.
I have waited years to own such a HORNBY model - it has certainly been worth the wait.

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