Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The GOLDEN BOOK of Railways.

Hi. Received my Golden Book of Railways to-day from Canada. It is altogether a fabulous read and is very well illustrated with color drawings and photos- I find I can learn a lot from such books as these. The Golden Book tells about such things as who invented the steam engine and who built the first locomotives -  all about steam and super-heating....how a steam locomotive works....signalling - and a whole lot more. Just fabulous.

Books like The Golden Book of Railways are of the style and era ( the 1960s) which reminds me greatly of the books that I received as gifts as a youngster from my older cousin David Jenkins. I am very glad and extremely pleased to be able to acquire such wonderful books.

Last night I ordered a copy of  'The Bridport Branch'. The book is about the Dorset Branch line which closed in May 1975. I am hoping to learn enough about the Branch suffice to be able to better design my Hornby OO Railway Branch model. Looking forward to obtaining this book being particularly interested in seeing the photos and track diagrams and reading the history of the branch.

Well- that is about it for to-day.
Until next time.


  1. Great couple of books there , that first one reminds me of the sort of book I had as a child

    1. Tony,
      Yes- the Golden Book certainly sums up the types of children's books that were available in the 1960s - I'm drawn to the color art work - as those by T.E.North (example above of the 'Golden Arrow'). It is a strange feeling to-day receiving books which you know you owned over fifty years ago- I'm very surprised at the condition of the books - The Golden Book is perfect- hardly touched by it's years. Cheers. KEV.