Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Hello. Well- where to start...I've arrived at the time where I know that time IS running out for me to build a Model Railway. Over the decades I've managed to dapple in various scales from N to G...all along it was the same pattern of activity- building up a small collection of items then selling it all. Last night I put some serious thought to answer the question - why hadn't I aspired to building a Layout?

I guess we need to look back in time for an answer. When I was in Primary School all my friends had OO Scale Railway Layouts- some Triang some Hornby....I seemed to be content to have some very colorful and interesting Hornby Catalogs and I spent hours pouring over them at the Kitchen table - dreaming about a time when I'd be able to afford such wonderful models. Our small Local Hobby Shop was Mr Barnes 'Cycle & Hobby Shop' where he had a very good range of Hornby- Triang, Scalextric and Airfix kits....in my teens I placed on order for a Hornby 'Jinty' tank locomotive...some days later my Dad told me to see Mr Barnes and cancel the order....my hopes and dreams of owning the little black British Rail tank locomotive were dashed.

Much later at about the age of 22 -I did buy that little BR 'Jinty' tank - which I only had for a short while and then I gave the Locomotive to our friend Peter for his son Bradley to run on his layout. Why the fascination with the small Tank Locomotives?...long ago as a child- Mum and I would visit my Aunt Thelma at Miranda...David my Cousin- who was much older than I- would generously present me with books as a welcome gift -like Boys Annuals and picture books about British Locomotives and Trains....I tended to know more about British trains than I did about our own New South Wales types. I certainly knew what 'The Golden Arrow' was!

I liked Tank locomotives of British outline- their shape and size appealed to me- I thought them to be a most sensible and practical design....and yes an 0-6-0T seems always to be a favorite type of locomotive...although I do like the Webb Coal Tanks, Adams Radial and Wainrights as well.

So- it would seem that for a life-time I've denied myself the opportunity to build a layout. As of today- I'm very determined not to be dissuaded from achieving a Model Railway Layout.

Why OO Scale and Hornby? Well - I guess it is what we grew up with...4mm/ft is indeed a most practical scale and gives very appealing sized models. I certainly prefer OO.
 For my proposed Railway Layout I have chosen to purchase this Hornby J83 0-6-0T in early British Rail scheme- it is an excellent model...the model is on it's way from the UK. From the outset of thinking about my Layout I have decided that it will be served by just one Locomotive to begin with- just one, doing all the work on both Freight and Passenger trains.
 For Freight and Carriage stock I will be obtaining these Hornby types from the 'Thomas The Tank' range. The two wagons and brake van shown above are on their way from Melbourne (Australia).
I am very fond of miniature figures and am particularly choosy when it comes to figures that will bring so much life and character to my Layout - I have chosen to obtain those OO figures in pewter by Ian Langley from the UK....I think that they are excellently sculpted and I do look forward to painting and basing them up for duty.

A rather big influence upon the type of Layout to be designed is heavily influenced by the famous Author Rev W.Awdry's 1959 'OO' travelling exhibition model. (6ft x 4ft).
I will have considerably more space to model my Layout - with a sizable shed - I can choose from going 6'x4' right up to 13'x5'6"......which I might add Is my next stage - the PLANNING .....this will take some time to do and should be enjoyable.

Well - that IS about it for our first installment about beginning a Hornby Model Railway Layout.

Until next time.


  1. Had a model railway as a child , long gone I'm afraid so I am watching with interest , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Somehow I've managed to imagine building a model railway all these years - without actually doing it- now, is the time. Please stay tuned for further developments. Regards. KEV.

  2. Looking Goodall! I've always love model railways, especially small and/or arrow gauge ones.

    All the best,


    1. Bob,
      Yes model railways always appeal- they are fascinating - I hope to keep the proposed layout on the smallish side - a small affair and not too big. Yes, narrow gauge is certainly appealing ( in OO scale on N gauge track) - nearly went this way, though I've gone for favorite Locomotives in Standard Gauge OO. Please keep following as I move along with this great adventure. Cheers. KEV.