Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hello. This evening I have ordered several books from the UK -all in excellent condition.

The PSL MODEL RAILWAY GUIDES - by Michael Andress (UK).
Book 1 - Vol 1 & 2: 'Baseboards, Track & Electrification'. 'Layout Planning'.
Book 2 - Vol 3 & 4: 'Structure Modelling'. 'Scenery'.
Book 3 - Vol 5 & 6: 'Operating Your Layout'. 'Branch Line Railways'.
Book 4 - Vol 7 & 8: 'Modern Railways'. 'Narrow-Gauge Railways'.

I am thoroughly looking forward to receiving these Model Railway Guides (1988) - particularly Book #3 on 'Operating Your Layout' and 'Branch Line Railways'....I have a very good feeling that I will be learning a great deal from the PSL Series and Mr Andress.

To-night I re-read my copy of RAILWAY MODELLER March 1975.

I have long cherished the march 1975 issue of RM it contains one of my all time favorite model railways. 
P.D. Hancock's- 'CRAIGSHIRE'.
Craigshire is an OO9 and OO Layout - which features both Narrow-Gauge and Standard Gauge in a scenic setting which is altogether inspiring modelling by Mr Hancock.
One of the features which drew me to admire the Craigshire layout was indeed Mr Hancock's use and placement of the miniature OO people that he used to populate his creation. Mr Hancock's narrative is also inspiring which he wrote for his article and write up for 'The Railway of The Month'. I just love the harbourside setting of 'Craig' and indeed the climb up to 'Dundreich' Village.

Well- that is about it to-night.
Until next time.

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