Sunday, 16 July 2017


Hi. This evening I was looking at e-bay in the UK and low and behold I found advertised a specific book which I remember being my first ever Train Book. It did not take long for me to decide to purchase the book.
The DEAN book as I remember was presented to me as a gift from my older Cousin David when Mum and I visited our Aunt Thelma at Miranda NSW. David is very generous and over the early years of the 1960s I received several 'Annuals' form David. I cherished these books greatly - though alas in my Teens my older Brother swiped most of my books and things to sell the items in Sydney to support his gambling- which I did not realize at the time....I just thought my things had a habbit of going missing.

I have over these past few years managed to replace these cherished books from  my childhood- with the help of e-Bay. I have managed to obtain copies of most of the books which my Cousin David gave to me all those decades ago. To-night finding the DEAN book is just something extra special.
 If my memory serves me well - on the inside of the cover of the book is a color picture of the 'GOLDEN ARROW' leaving a rather large station.

The DEAN book is something special. I count myself as being very-very fortunate.

Well that is about it for to-night.
Until next time.


  1. Good to see people wallowing in nostalgia ! , Cheers Tony

    1. Tony,
      Yes- absolutely! I very much like the artwork of the 1960s when it comes to illustrations of Trains and such...something about it is very appealing and quite charming. Cheers. KEV.