Thursday, 27 July 2017

Painting LANGLEY Cast OO Figures.

Hi. Had a good afternoon painting up four Langley OO Figures- which took a little over an hour.
I decided to paint an Engine Driver and Fireman for my ADAMS Radial Tank (which is still on it's way from the UK)... and two other figures to be known as 'Mr & Mrs Seymour'.
 Above is shown the raw Langley OO figures with their cast-on 'pin' which I remove and file.

 The Langley figures based onto pieces of thin styrene plastic with Supa Glue. Undercoat is grey.

The four completed Langley OO Figures - two Engine Crew and Mr & Mrs Seymour.
My camera isn't the best and to be honest the figures actually do look better to the eye than they do in this photograph. However, well pleased with the Langley OO Figures- and there are more to paint.

Whilst at the workbench I put two coats of Vallejo White onto a Thomas The Tank Van- to produce what will be my 'Milk' Van for the Branch Line layout. Paintwork is a bit patchy though will do.

Well- that is about it for to-day.
Until next time.


  1. Kev,

    I am really enjoying your journey to railway modelling ... and I am very envious of the progress you have made.

    All the best,


    1. Bob,
      Very pleased that you are following my progress on the OO scale Hornby Railway Project -and that you have commented- this means a lot to me for sure- and that you are enjoying reading about all that is involved with the Project is certainly very encouraging. Presently near to start building some Cottages- I've gathered the necessary materials for scratch building and should soon be able to produce something reasonably acceptable- please stay tuned for further developments. Regards. KEV.

  2. Hello Kev
    Lovely Langley figures, more slender than the larger Mike Pett figures (I received a lovely OO metal painted Sherlock Holmes and Watson from this collection). Not sure how they will crop up in games yet!
    I too am enjoying your blog, coming as the gaming outcast scrounging materials from a railway modelling family. I have a basic railway Hornby set that comes out each year as "the Christmas railway". I have started a side blog to the Man of TIN blog about this called Sidetracked, reading through stacks of railway modelling magazines for useful ideas, magazines that I have been given to pass on to the rest of the family.
    Best wishes for the layout - I shall follow it with interest.
    Mark, Man of TIN

    1. Mark,
      Very pleased that you are enjoying the posts on my Hornby OO Project. Yes- Langley figures are indeed excellent - I'm very pleased with them - with some more on the way from the UK.
      Hopefully I will begin to produce some scratch built models soon- please stay tuned as things progress. On old model railway magazines - I am presently awaiting the delivery of a 1972 (May Issue) of Railway Modeller - this is going to be good! I remember having this Issue decades ago- I'm going to enjoy re-reading it. Cheers. KEV.