Monday, 17 July 2017

Langley OO Figures -Arrive.

Hi. This afternoon my order for Langley OO Figures arrived from the UK. This evening I painted up three figures as a 'Train Crew' consisting of a Driver, Fireman and a Guard.

The Hornby J83 Tank Locomotive with it's Langley figures of the Driver in the cab and the Fireman.
( Keen observers will note the splashes of green on the Driver figure- I will need to fix this up).

Goods train with 'Train Crew'.

The Langley Guard with his Hornby 'Thomas' Guards Van'.

The Langley OO Train Crew and the Hornby Goods Train.


The Langley OO figures are superb - full of detail and character.
The cast pewter Langley figures are supplied with a cast on additional 'pin' on one of the figures shoes- presumably one drills a hole in the baseboard and then glue the figure into position. My preference is the make the figures able to be moved from place to I removed the pin and filed the feet of the figure and attached the figure to a little rectangle of 0.5mm styrene - to serve as a base. I used Supa Glue.

Most pleased with the Langley OO figures - they are certainly something I have yearned for all these years -if not decades- very pleased to have them to populate my proposed Layout.

Well that is about it for now.
Until latter.


  1. Your figures are looking good. Can I suggest clear Perspex as bases, then it doesn't matter what type of surface (ash, stone, platform, etc) you stand them on. Andrew Stadden has a lovely range of figures, though a little expensive the sculpting is superb - as one would expect from him.

    1. Joppy,
      Yes- I have seen the Stadden figures - very nice. Though I will stay with Ian Langley's OO Figures -as I do not like to mix brands of figures and Langley is a very comprehensive range. Also I will stick with my green bases- if it is good enough for Britains - then it will do me. Cheers. KEV.

  2. That was the thing that was missing from my toy trains - train crew ! , glad you have it sorted !

    1. Tony,
      Yes - to have a Train Crew seems to me to be as essential and logical as anything else needed on the layout...I've seen some excellent layouts though alas spoiled -as the steam engines were driven by an invisible driver and fireman- nothing worse to my eye! Certainly glad I've sorted out my train crew - very pleased with Langley OO figures. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Very attractive figures. A good addition.

    1. Ross,
      Yes - the Langley OO Railway figures are very nice and the range is very comprehensive. Having an attempt at track planning to-day. Cheers. KEV.