Thursday, 13 July 2017

HORNBY J83 Tank LOCOMOTIVE Arrives - a bit of Tinkering.

Hi. My Hornby J83 0-6-0T Locomotive arrived to-day. On opening the package from the UK there was a bit I wanted to do on the model - First, to repair the rear chassis 'lug' which locks into the coal bunker which had been broken off- a simple job with some Super Glue. Secondly, I needed to purchase a Hornby Coupling to attach to the front buffer beam of the model- fortunately our Local Hobby Co had a set of Couplings which I picked up this afternoon for $3.50 - pretty close to exactly what I wanted. Thirdly, I decided that the J83 needed a 'Floor' in the cab - I made one out of a piece of card and painted the floor  black and fixed it to the chassis with Super Glue.

Above: The J83 showing the smaller Hornby Coupling at the front of the chassis and my simple card Cab 'Floor' ( before painting).

The J83 assembled - I just had to put a Floor in the cab as I couldn't bare to look into the cab and see day-light....much better with a Floor - and it will provide a sturdy base for the Locomotive Crew.

I would have to say that Hornby have come a long way since the 1970s in terms of the finish applied to their products ....the printed Lining, Numbers, Lettering and Logo -are just simply perfect!

Whilst at the bench this afternoon I made up a simple 'Un-Coupling Tool' from scrap styrene ...the idea is to place the 25mm x 25mm 'Spade Bit' under the Hornby Tension Hooks and lift upwards - to unlock the Hooks. (This Device Works Perfectly- every time!).

Very pleased with the Hornby J83 0-6-0T is altogether a splendid little Locomotive.
( I may need to obtain a back up J83 for parts -as things do eventually wear - a second new chassis would be advisable and a good idea).

Through the week I purchased some Hornby Rolling Stock in the form of those offered by the Thomas The Tank range.
One of the grey Covered Wagons will be painted up in  an all-white scheme for 'Milk' service.
I now have two Cattle Wagons, Four Closed Vans, five Open wagons and one Guards Van.

Above: The essential Guards Van -most suitable for British Rail service.
Yes, 'SODOR' printed on the open wagon does not worry me as I am thinking of building my Layout with a Thomas type 'feel' about it. Very fond of TtT.

For my Hornby J83 Locomotive I purchased the 'Old Slow Coach' for service. Thinking of a Branch Line....will probably need to de-Thomas the end of the Coach and restore the end to a regular appearance.

Well that is about it for this installment.
Until next time.


  1. Love looking a model trains ! , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Yes- there is a certain pleasure and satisfaction in viewing railway models....they provide an endless fascination. Cheers. KEV.