Saturday, 10 June 2017


Tonight I have settled on concentrating my efforts on primarily just two Projects- my 25mm COLONIAL FICTION figures & a Doctor WHO Collection.

(1). COLONIAL FICTION in 25mm.

Ever since the late 1980s I've liked Wargames Foundry 25mm figures - mainly for the Crimea Period and Indian Mutiny. I've now built up a new collection for my Colonial Fiction- with just a few more figures to paint up.
Basically I see that the games will involve my Royal Navy Sailors pitching battle against the  'Mutineers'.
I'm looking forward to yet again building a Gunboat -'H.M.S. Thistle' well as scratch building a lot of other items that will be needed for the fictional skirmish games.

(2). Doctor WHO.

Towards the end of the 1980's I had a good collection of Doctor WHO - which was sold in 1993.
Now, in 2017- I currently am thinking about doing something for Doctor WHO.


At the moment I'm pretty certain that I can go along with my choices of Projects.....certainly there will be the Colonial Fiction skirmish games by the end of the year....Doctor WHO - I'm thinking may turn out to be a 'Collection'  - without any games being played...however things may change in the future.

The only other Project which I have in mind, is a very small scale Star Trek - ship game.
Also- giving some very serious thought to doing Horus Heresy (40K)....future funds permitting.

Thanks for reading.
Cheers. KEV.


  1. It's almost like Warlord Games are righting the episodes. Next week is Romans... :-)
    I look forward to see how these projects take shape Kev.

    1. Stuart,
      I am still awaiting the delivery of my Doctor WHO figures from the the mean time I've a few Colonial figures to paint up...also just thinking about a design for my new Gunboat- plenty to keep me occupied. Cheers. KEV.