Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doctor WHO - some DISCUSSION on Collecting.

Hi. Thought to update with some thoughts and experiences of Doctor WHO. My introduction to Doctor WHO takes me back to the Black & White TV Episodes of the 2nd Doctor, the 3rd Doctor and 4th the early 1970's. I did not watch each and every Episode then - just catching snippets in between Study - but I liked it all and became very fond of the Series.

In the late 1980's I did have a small Collection of 25mm Harlequin Doctor WHO figures- mainly the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) along with some Daleks and Cybermen. I managed to scratch build a 25mm Tardis and also had a boxed Roleplay Game  and other supplement books. All was sold in 1993 - I lament not having the Collection - especially the printed material.

I later rekindled interest with watching the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) -the First Series and proceeded to collect a whole host of 6" Action Figures. The 6inch figure collection consisted of all eleven Doctor, as many 'Companions' I could locate -including Sarah Jane....there were also Daleks, Sontarians, and Jadoon Aliens....also I collected about six varieties of TARDIS.
Around about 2010 I was also trying to put the finishing touches onto my STAR TREK Playmates figures and ships Collections- as I was sourcing Star Trek items from Florida (USA) at the time- it was all getting rather expensive - a decision was made and I alas decided to let my modest Doctor WHO 6inch Collection go via e-Bay.

Doctor WHO toys again become of interest when I set out to collect 3.75" Action Figures last year (2016). My collection of 3.75" Action Figures included a lighted Tardis, a stand in Doctor and Companion, Daleks, some Aliens (from the 'Twilight Zone') and a number of Civilian 'Extras'. I built some 'Props' such as buildings and space ship interiors as well as the interior of the Tardis. My aim with the 3.75" Collection was to make up a single 'Photo- Story' - which I did and placed the story onto my Blog.
Once I had achieved my aim - I sold off all items.....I wasn't really that happy having a stand-in all wasn't Doctor WHO.

Early last month (May 2017) I placed an order with the UK for a batch of Harlequin 25mm Doctor WHO figures. Well after waiting over five weeks without any delivery of the items - I became quite besides myself with a feeling of utter frustration and disillusion. I cancelled the order and did request and receive a full REFUND.

Just four days ago - I was indeed pondering what to do to obtain my Doctor WHO fix!
I recall several years ago that our Local Hobby Co had a small variety of Doctor WHO figures on their shelves....'Mini- Figurines' OR 'Micro Figurines'....I began to check if these types of figures were still available - after what seems something like six years ago- I was concerned about obtaining them....and YES - they are still available on the Internet - though not at the Local Toy and Hobby Shops.
However- I have found that they are not obtained cheaply and come at inflated prices.

These past few days I have diligently placed several separate orders - mainly using e-Bay....the figures should all be arriving over the next fortnight or so.

At this stage I am very pleased to be collecting the Doctor WHO Macro-Figures....certainly I feel a real buzz to be collecting again- it is the fun thing to do on a limited budget - and the thrill of the chase and nailing down that elusive or rare figure - IS a lot of fun!

I am hoping to do something with the Doctor WHO Macro-Figures....lots of ideas so far and I am very much looking forward to receiving my little miniature purchases.

Please stay tuned for further developments.
Cheers. KEV.


  1. Have you seen that Warlord have a new 'Doctor Who' boxed game out ? , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Yes - I've seen the Warlord figures (I think)...not sure I've seen their Doctor Who Game though...will check it all out- thanks for the heads up! Cheers. KEV.