Monday, 19 June 2017

Doctor WHO - Eleven Doctors MICRO FIGURES.

Hi. Today my box of Eleven Doctor WHO Micro Figures arrived as made by Character Options. I'd have to say I was most pleased and excited upon opening the box and did experience that tremendous buzz when you receive something special.

 Interestingly Character Options have made the Eleven Doctors sets with some figures variations - for example my Second Doctor figure that I received isn't the same as that shown pictured above. The set is most superb and certainly full of interest.
The detail on each figure of the Doctor has to be seen to be believed - an absolute triumph of technology. Each character has it's own special appeal.

I unpacked one of my favorites - the 7th Doctor ( Sylvester McCoy).
He is a superb little figure featuring seven points of articulation - his head moves side to side, his arms move - and his hands swivel and his legs move from the hips.

I am very fond of the 7th Doctor with his Panama Hat and Brolly.
I'm amazed that the manufacturers have been able to print the little question marks onto his vest- well done indeed!


Obtaining the Eleven Doctors set today marks the beginning of my figure Collection and is certainly the start of my Doctor WHO Project with Micro Figures.

At this stage of proceedings I have ordered other Micro Figures -including Daleks and Cybermen- and I am very much looking forward to the arrival of these additional figures.

In terms of Future Plans for the Micro Figures - I hope to do something with the figures and may end up doing a Photo Story - a sort of 'Game'.
I have plans to build accessories for the figures - including Cottages and such.

Well- it has been a great day!
Just absolutely delighted with the Doctor WHO figures.

Until next time.


  1. Nothing quite like a new arrival that meets or exceeds expectations.
    Jelly Baby?

    1. Ross- yes certainly pleased with the Doctors set. Jelly Baby...that would be the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)...the little Micro Figure of him is superb. Cheers. KEV.