Thursday, 18 May 2017


Hi. Laserburn holds a special fascination - way back in 1983 my first ever metal figures were those of LASERBURN 15mm -by  Table Top Miniatures. I brought the collection of 15mm figures home from Campsie NSW from a shop named 'Battlefields' ( now sadly long gone).

The first metal figures I ever painted were LASERBURN 15mm - and also the first game here at home with all metal figures was indeed LASERBURN 15mm.....I played out a Scenario here in my study on a 6ft x 4ft board- covered in a green blanket. The game was against my friend Steve (J). The Scenario was fairly simple- the bad guys had to sneak their way onto a Space Port and steel a secret Space Jet. For the game I had built a 'Hangar', 'Space Jet', 'Tarmac', 'Roads', 'Vehicles', 'Security Fencing' and 'Guard House'.

Somehow the first game was the only game - and some years later I either sold or gave away my 15mm Laserburn those years the gamers I associated with were not at all interested in Sci-Fi....seems that Napleonics, ACW, WW2 were then the go.

Now, it is May 2017 and I am re-building my Laserburn 15mm Collection- possibly to a height not before achieved....I know that I intend to build a lot more buildings and scenery than I ever had in the early 1980s....and true- the number of figures that I have ordered from the UK far surpass my original modest collection. I am a happy chappy. I am very Nostalgic about Laserburn 15mm.....It all refects a time when I was indeed very happy- painting Laserburn 15mm did make me feel very happy and contented indeed.

I have a copy of the LASERBURN Rules and the 'Imperial Commander' rules are on their way from the UK. Today Stuart (S) of the UK sent to me three documents that will help - particularly with 'Imperial Commander'....thanks heaps Stuart- very good of you to e-mail me. However, I must say that when I'm presented with a fourty page book of rules I tend to think along the lines of reducing it all down to two or three pages....hence, for my future SOLO Games of Laserburn I will probably do my own condensed version of Sci-Fi rules. This will go a long way to preserve my sanity - and enjoyment of Solo gaming.



  1. My pleasure Kev.
    I hope it helps.

    1. Stuart,
      Yes- Thanks...the documents you sent will be very helpful. At the moment biding my time awaiting the delivery of the Laserburn 15mm figures from the UK. Will build some more Sci-Fi structures in the mean time. Cheers. KEV.