Sunday, 2 April 2017

ROYAL NAVY Sailors Finished To-day.

Hi. Had a good weekend painting up my Wargames Foundry 25mm Royal Navy figures.

The 31 figures of my Royal Navy- Captain, Officers and Crew from HMS Thistle.

Scenic setting of the completed Ships' Compliment.

6lb Cannon and Crew with Captain and Ensign.

6lb Naval Cannon with Officer and crew.

Captain and Ensign.

Officer ( white helmet) and Bossun (black hat).

1st Officer (walking stick)  with Ratings.

Back line are the Ship's crew members in various poses.

A nice photo of the Ship's Crew of HMS Thistle.


Had a great time painting the RN figures - I used Vallejo and Tamiya Paints.
I paint in 'Block' fashion without shading- preferring this method.

Looking forward to making a start on the Mutineer Natives to-morrow, followed by the English Civilians.
By the end of the month I should be able to progress onto the designing and building of my long awaited Gunboat - the HMS Thistle. Very much looking forward to the Gunboat.



  1. Great Job Kev, you finished these before I could pass comment on your earlier Blog entry, great looking figures looking forward to seeing them in action.

    1. Stuart,
      Pleased you like the RN figures. It will take some time however before they see action- lots to do in the mean time. Cheers.KEV.

  2. Replies
    1. Tony,
      Yes- very pleased with how the RN figures turned out. Cheers.KEV.

  3. Smart looking lads. Very shipshape and sailorly!

    Hearts of Oak every man Jack of them!

    1. Ross,
      Very pleased with the RN figures - I am pleased to have this collection back again- they certainly are my favorites. Cheers. KEV.

  4. Excellent work I really like the blocking style, and there are some great beards on those figures.

    1. Springinsfeld,
      Certainly pleased you like the RN figures with the blocking style. Had good enjoyment in painting them and very pleased with the results- they look better in the flesh than photographed. It will be fun to build the RN Gunboat HMS Thistle. Cheers. KEV.