Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WARGAMES FOUNDRY - British ROYAL NAVY and Mutineers.

Hi. Received my order to-day from Wargames Foundry (UK). I have prepared the castings for undercoating and painting to be done tomorrow.
      The Royal Navy figures which will form the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                               The cannon is a 6lb for use on land.

Close up of the Royal Navy Command figures with Ratings in the background.

The Mutineers.
There are 30 figures - I may need to add others to the Collection.

The Mutineer Command figures.
I have since added a Flag Pole from Piano Wire.

                  The Royal Navy figures which will form part of the crew of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.
                                                          Above is shown two of my favorite figures.
                                                          I particularly like the Officer casting - so very British.


Tomorrow morning - weather permitting I should be able to undercoat the Royal Navy figures and Mutineers and the Civilian figures. If all goes well there should be some finished painted figures to show on the Tinkerton Project - late tomorrow night.

I have ordered some Eye-Hooks in preparation for the building of my Gunboat HMS Thistle.

Really enjoying my Colonial/ Victorian  Fiction project in 25mm. Progressing well.



  1. Those are classic figures and still looking good , Tony

    1. Tony,
      Certainly favorite figures from Wargames Foundry- I am particularly fond of the Navy figures- I prefer these sculpts made by the Perry twins all those years ago. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Replies
    1. Ross,
      Yes had planned to paint to-day though the constant rain has put paid to this- hoping rain ceases tomorrow morning then I can get some spray undercoating done. Certainly looking forward to the painting up of these splendid Wargames Foundry figures. Cheers. KEV.