Friday, 17 March 2017

The HOBBIT & RATMEN ARMIES all Completed.

Hi. Between yesterday and to-day I have completed my HOBBIT and RATMEN Armies from go to woe. Very pleased with the results. Please enjoy the photos.

My completed 15mm HOBBIT 'Tooksburrow Contingent'.

Above: Close up of the Independant Characters - the Tooksburrow  Chief.

Hobbit Spears.

Hobbit Archers.

I tried to provide a non-uniform appearance with different colored apparel and shields.

I replaced the Irregular cast metal Flags with my own - piano wire and printed paper flags.

The HOBBIT Tooksburrow Contingent Overall Commander.

Very pleased with my HOBBIT Contingent.
There are 68 Hobbits.

The full array of the RATMEN Army,

The RATMEN Armies overall Leader.
I have chosen to name my Ratmen Leader as 'Skaznarl'- The Rat LORD.

Sword armed Ratmen unit.

Bow armed Ratman unit.

Ratman Cavalry - riders on huge varieties of giant rats.

The 1st Ratman sword armed unit,

I tried to vary the color of the fur of the Ratmen from grey to dark brown.

The full RATMEN Army.
All up there are 102 Ratmen.

The Ratmen Cavalry - with it's independent Leader/Champion.

For he Ratmen Army Standards- I have used the old 'Skaven' triangle symbol as designed by Citadel.


I am very pleased with the painting and basing of the miniatures - I'm especially pleased with the HOBBITS - I  am still buzzing...they are just what I wanted.

At this stage I am thinking that the Hobbit Contingent may need to be bolstered by a Dwarf when the Ratmen Army was completed- I thought they do look very daunting and possibly too overwhelming for the Hobbits to deal with in a battle....may need the help of a Wizard as well.



  1. By gum ! , you have got them done quickly , looking good ! , Tony

    1. Tony,
      The Hobbits and Ratmen figures arrived yesterday morning at 11:00am...all painted, based and lacquered by 9:15pm to-night. Have enjoyed the painting and this is the first time I've really enjoyed painting 15mm ...I found after awhile they appear to the eye to be much bigger than they are - I didn't need the magnifying glass at all. Tomorrow I will probably attempt some structures in the form of Hobbit buildings. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Wow! That was fast! But they look good. I do love the buzz when I get enthused over done new or something revived.

    1. Ross,
      I find that for a project such as this - once I've collected all the materials - I make a start on it and go at it fairly constantly until it is all completed - I tend to work on things in the notion that I want to see what it all looks like when completed. Certainly the chance to paint up the Hobbits really motivated me to get things going. I am glad that I have chosen 15mm for my Middle Earth Project - I don'y have the patience for 10mm, 6mm and 2mm....yes, 15mm Fantasy works for me. Cheers. KEV.