Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Irregular HOBBITS underway in 15mm.

Hi. Have had a good morning with the arrival of my HOBBITS, Ratmen and Lizardmen. Readied the Hobbits for the painting to be done this evening. I may have them finished late tomorrow.

                                       Hobbit Chiefs /Leaders with spear armed rank and file Hobbits.

Full array of Hobbits plus some Sheep.

Hobbit Archers.

Hobbit Spears and Shields.

Temporary Basing on Paddle Pop Sticks using PVA white wood glue.

Undercoating with Matt Black spray.

My two favourite Hobbit castings - A helmed Chief and spear armed Hobbit.

Very pleased to receive my order from Eureka Miniatures.
I can spend the next few days painting up the Hobbit Contingent and a Ratman Army.


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