Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hi. About thirty years ago I read the HOBBIT by J.R.Tolkein - it left a lasting impression on me.
I started re-reading the story again to refresh my memory as background to my 15mm Middle Earth Project. Basically I would like to play smallish games in 15mm to represent The Hobbits of the SHIRE holding out against the forces of Evil and Darkness - more anon.

 There is a plathora of goodly Maps available on the internet showing the lands of Middle Earth and also if you search closely you can find maps of the 'SHIRE'. I'm fascinated with the Middle Earth Maps and today I bought a most useful illustrated book which is an Atlas of the Tolkein World which gives an overview of times before, during and after the setting of The Hobbit.

I have chosen the above drawing of a Female Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf - mainly to show to my mind what an actual Hobbit looks like....in comparison to his larger Dwarf friend.

 Above is shown IRREGULAR 15mm Halflings which I will use for my Hobbits...it appears that the figures are supplied with at least five variations for each of the figure types and they each measure about 10mm tall.
My figure order according to my friend Nick (at EUREKA) Melbourne should be here by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday)- particularly looking forward to this- as my Partner is going away for the weekend with friends and I'd certainly would like to spend the time at home painting Hobbits this weekend uninterrupted.

Above is shown IRREGULAR 15mm 'Ratmen'...I've ordered quite a horde of these Ratmen as well as Lizardmen. The Ratmen will be arriving with the Hobbit order to-morrow.

Way back in 1989 I had many a fine Warhammer game and Campaign over several years with my friend Lt.Walter.D from Canberra - pitching my Dwarves and Hobbits against Walter's Skaven (Rat) Army - so, after all these years it only seems natural for me to choose IRREGULAR 15mm Ratmen as the main enemy of the Hobbits.

At this stage I plan to paint up a smallish contingent of Hobbits and a slightly larger force of Ratmen.
After basing the figures I'd like to turn my attention towards building my Hobbit's part of the SHIRE in 15mm. Once I'm satisfied that I have the various structures and terrain sorted I would like to write some simple Games Rules - so that I can play a series of SOLO Battles......I have no other intentions other than these simple steps to follow - I should imagine, now that I am retired- that the whole MIDDLE EARTH Project should not take that long to achieve.

My part of the Hobbit's SHIRE will be known at 'Tooksburrow' ....do not worry, you won't find it on any official  Middle Earth map - I made up the name this morning....like doing things like this.



  1. Been a big fan of the books for 50 years now , an excellent gaming period , Tony

    1. Tony,
      I enjoy The Hobbit- certainly have a real desire to game in 15mm a little part of the Shire- the Irregular miniature Hobbits are exactly the style of Hobbit I like. Thinking about all sorts of possibilities of how to go about building a model of the Shire - lots of fun this. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Replies
    1. Alan,
      Yes I know that you are a big fan of Middle Earth - it is all good thinking about Tolkein's creation - it all takes your mind away from everyday worries and your imagination takes you to places of great fantasy. Looking forward to the arrival of the 15mm miniature Hobbits and painting them up- they will be splendid and a good contrast to the drab Ratmen. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Excellent project. I really like those 15mm hobbits. I did a Pelennor Fields game 15 years ago in 15mm here if you need any ideas

    1. Springinsfeld,
      Yes- I certainly agree it is an Excellent Project - Middle Earth....well what I will be doing with my Solo games may not be exactly to the script...I've just an idea of what I want to do- sort of my version of Middle Earth - very heavily influenced by Tolkein's novel - The Hobbit. Cheers. KEV.