Monday, 13 February 2017

The NAVAL BRIGADE in 15mm.

Hi.  I've had a good evening last night painting up my first BLUE MOON 15mm - Naval Brigade.
Very pleased with the figures - I paint in block fashion with Tamiya, Vallejo and Citadel paints.

My painting detail does not stand up to close-up digital photos and to the eye they look OK. All up it took about three hours to do the 30 figures. I decided to base the Sailors in groups of three on a base measuring 30mm frontage by 23mm depth.  I chose a basic Antique Green to paint the bases and later I may add some lighter green - brown flock.

At the moment my choice of Rules is undecided and as a consequence the basic game unit may be a Regiment of ten bases (30 Figures) or some other arrangement. Eric Burgess empolys 4 bases of 3 figures per Regiment - and this does work well with his Rules. I'd like to have largish Regiments for the Games and how the Naval Brigade is now based- I do have a degree of flexibility.

My next set of figures to paint will be British - red coated Infantry.



  1. Very productive painting session there !,nice figures as well,Tony

    1. Tony- I started out a bit rusty on the painting front -had not done much for a long while- though it all went along smoothly...I had forgotten how smallish 15mm were and now certainly glad I did not go for 6mm. It is strange with 15mm - your eye tends to adjust in time and the 15mm does appear bigger when you get use to them. Most pleased with the Blue Moon figures - they are fairly easy to paint and have interesting and varied poses. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Kev,

    They look very nice, and will be a very useful force to use in a lot of different scenarios.

    All the best,


    1. BOB- yes Blue Moon has produced a very nice 15mm range of castings indeed- I'll admit that having a Victorian styled Naval Brigade that looks the part is very much high on the list for me - I like the idea of a Naval Brigade in the field of battle for Colonial games and feel it is just as important too also have Civilians as well. At this stage I am tending to think about my own VSF 'World' far I stray away for 'Space 1889' time will tell - early days yet: still have a great many figures to prepare and this activity will keep me busy for quite some time ahead. Yes- certainly looking forward to Scenarios...VSF does offer a lot to the imagination. Cheers. KEV.

  3. They do look good Kev. 30 years ago 15mm was my main scale all shaded and detailed but they look so small to me now I have trouble remembering how I painted them at all! I think you have done a great job and they will look fine in action on the table or even on display.

  4. Ross- Glad you like the finished Naval Brigade. Yes, 15mm does test the eye-sight when it comes to painting- however I find that given time your eyes do adjust to the small scale. Having fun - early days yet. Cheers. KEV.