Monday, 6 February 2017

SPACE 1889 My Resources.

Hi. Thought to show you my collection of publications for SPACE 1889.

 I have owned the 'Cloudships & Gunboats' boxed edition probably since 1984...however, it does compliment the Boardgame - 'Sky Galleons of Mars'...which I do not have yet- unfortunatly.
I especially like the box cover artwork for 'Cloudships & Gunboats' - a very good idea is gained of the actual appearance of the Frank Chadwick's style of Martians.

                                   UPDATE Note: Have just ordered a copy of  'Sky Galleons of Mars'.

 The 'SOLDIERS COMPANION' by Frank Chadwick. This is a very interesting book which contains the Miniatures Rules and Army Lists. I've had this book since covers all the protagonist Nations and Races encountered in the SPACE 1889 worlds.

 'CONKLIN's ATLAS of the WORLDS' by Frank Chadwick. This Conklins is a must read and ready reference to a plathora of background information regarding the worlds of SPACE 1889.

 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' by Frank Chadwick. I've ordered this book - I have big hopes for this publication - thinking that I can adapt some of the rules for gaming of SPACE 1889.


At this stage I await a figures ordered from the US and also the delivery of the books 'IRONCLADS and ETHER FLYERS' and 'SKY GALLEONS of MARS'.

Really looking forward to this project and intend to get a PROJECT Folder underway - tomorrow.



  1. Replies
    1. Tony- yes, VSF certainly fires the imagination. KEV.

  2. Excellent. I have played several games of Sky Galleions, usually at the helm of The Fenian Ram, and some lob gun's a cracking game. Doing this in 15mm has the advantage of more manageable ships.

    1. Springinsfeld- yes, it would be great to have a few games of Sky Galleons - I am just buying the Rules Booklet only and may in the future scratch build some tiny ships- though intend to build some ships in 15mm. KEV.